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Hi my name is Lauren, and I’m the face behind ‘In Birth & Beyond’. I believe that all women and their birth partners deserve to have a positive, calm and empowered birth. I believe in a women’s right to choose how they want to birth their baby to the world and I believe with the right preparation they can achieve anything. I believe with the right tools and information woman can work in harmony with their birth partner and caregivers to create an uplifting and life changing birth. My hope, is that all women can step into their birth feeling confident, excited and trusting their body. 

Having already completed the Hypnobubs™ program for my first birth, I am my own testimonial for a calm, positive, beautiful birth and I believe that the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program can benefit any birthing mother in any circumstance. 

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The Hypnobirthing Australia™ course is run over 4 face to face small group sessions, private in person, or Skype sessions. 

Small group sessions are run in Belmont, Lake Macquarie or for private sessions servicing the Newcastle area.

Birth Coaching

Birth coaching sessions are the perfect preparation for pregnancy and birth. Learn Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques including daily pregnancy protocol, active positions for labour and birth including an understanding of pelvic movability and babies positioning. 


Offering weekly restorative/prenatal and Mums n Bubs yoga classes in an intimate setting within my Lake Macquarie studio space. These sessions are perfectly adapted for pregnancy and beyond, and offer an opportunity to slow down, tune in and restore...


Thank you for being our amazing support person throughout our pregnancy journey. Not only did you provide us with a fantastic workshop, you empowered us to take control of our birth story. I cannot thank you enough for believing in us and sharing your passion with us. Liam and I think so highly of you, to the point of being in the midst of labour at JHH, we both looked at each other and said "thank goodness for Lauren, she prepared us for this and we feel so grateful".


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