About Hypnobirthing Australia™

Hypnobirthing is all about creating an empowered mindset for birth. Fancy names aside it really is just another term for a calm and positive birth. We believe that there are a few key elements to creating a positive birth and these things include “tools, preparation, knowledge and mindset”. The way I see it, you wouldn’t show up on the start line to run a marathon without having done any of these things and birth is no different. There are many techniques we use to help us along on this journey to a positive birth. We use self hypnosis techniques to help condition our mind for birth, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, and acupressure all to assist us pre , during and post birth. This will help you for whatever way in which your birth unfolds, whether natural and unmedicated, whether intervention is required or even for caesarean birth. This course will help you stay in a clear and positive mindset for your birth and will help to connect you and your birth partner in the lead up to your birth. This course will help you find your voice and your power by giving you ample knowledge to be able to speak up clearly to your caregivers so that your birth is about your choices, and not about being “medically managed”. This course will help you to bond and feel a deep connection with your baby making the initial bonding process natural filled with instant love. You will also feel at ease using mindfulness and breathing techniques that will not only help you throughout your birth but throughout your life and particularly in parenting. 

There are a range of course options from small group or private classes run in Belmont and the Newcastle area. For some, making it to classes may not suit their schedule, so an alternate option is to organise Skype sessions which can be organised after-hours and on weekends. If for whatever reason, you cannot attend classes face to face or privately the Hypnobubs™ is the perfect option to be prepared as you can for a positive birth experience. 

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