Step into birth & motherhood feeling confident and connected to your body and baby...  

Say goodbye to feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the birth and motherhood info out there with mindset and bodywork preparations, knowledge, and community to enter into the birth dance and motherhood feeling calm and confident.

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I too have been through these preparations, and because of it, stepped into my birthing feeling incredibly prepared, confident, aware of my body and my choices, and with a positive mindset.

So, what will we cover in our future together?

Here are just a few areas of focus

Mindset and beliefs around birth ~ choosing your ideal care ~ caring for yourself in pregnancy and beyond ~ the physiology of birth and optimising hormones ~ birth choices ~ birth partner support and advocacy ~ implementing daily embodiment ~ daily yoga and mindset practices ~ optimal maternal positioning ~ postpartum planning ~ the transition from maiden to mother ~ gentle/instinctive mothering ~ motherhood support ~biological newborn behaviours 

Bump & Beyond is focussed on you preparing your mind and body to step into birth and motherhood feeling calm and confident

Where are you up to on your journey?

Step 1 ~ Bump Basics 🤯 
You're pregnant! And you're feeling overwhelmed about all the choices you need to make, and confused about where to go for information relating to pregnancy and birth. You've made the decision to dive in and get informed.

Step 2 ~ Birth Physiology  🤰 
You've decided how you wish to experience pregnancy and your care, what your current belief systems are around birth and how your mindset impacts you, but you really feel out of the loop around actually giving birth. You are ready to unlock the knowledge to our bodies perfect innate wisdom and biological blueprint.

Step 3 ~ Birth Choices 📝 
You are amazed at how incredible the birthing body is and it's hormonal biological blueprint. You're feeling more confident in your ability to birth and are ready to arm yourself with knowledge to make some key choices around your birthing.

Step 4 ~  Birth Preparation 🧘‍♀️ 
You're feeling informed after researching and immersing yourself in reading and podcast listening. Learn how you can support your body and mind in the lead up to birthing.  You're worried about how your birth partner will support you during the birth dance.

Step 5 ~ Beyond Birth Planning 👶 
You've implemented daily embodiment of yoga, meditation, bodywork and belief system practices. You're feeling confident, prepared and calm about birthing. You're at ease knowing your partner is on board to support your birthing. You're feeling unprepared for your postpartum period. You're unsure what changes to expect in your body, relationship and emotions through this rite of passage.

Step 6 ~ Beyond The Bump 🤱 
You've transitioned through maiden to mother. You're feeling supported by your partner, and by your village. You're feeling emotionally and physically tender.  You're overwhelmed by advice and conflicting opinions. You feel an instinctive drive to be with your baby and opinions have left you feeling guilty.  You feel pulled into gentle motherhood and lack a supportive community around you.

So, where are you on your journey?

Did you find yourself nodding along the way, or thinking "omg that's me". Was it one clear step you were up to? (I mean, it's a little more obvious if you've already made the journey from maiden to mother 🙋‍♀️).

Or were you nodding yes to bits and pieces across a few steps? That's totally cool too. Just like birth and motherhood itself, we ebb and flow. 

Either way, my focus is to support you on your way to feeling prepared, calm and confident about your birthing and motherhood journey. 

You may only need a few subtle changes to what you're doing, some direction, a cheerleader, or the support community of other like minded mamas. 

When you become a member of Bump & Beyond you get access to;

Community support and check in's within Facebook community. 

Video learning content + cheat sheets + journaling print outs + to do lists and templates to support you implementing and embodying your learning. 

Unlimited pre + postnatal yoga and meditation sequences to support your full journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. 

What members are saying

For me, the membership has been absolutely invaluable as we approach the birth of our bub. My knowledge, confidence, and trust has grown tenfold since the beginning this beautiful pregnancy journey with Lauren. The membership is such an incredible space to turn to when that doubtful voice starts to creep in from time to time. My partner and I have transformed into an excited,  confident and relaxed couple .

The Bump & Beyond membership was one of my favourite things to dive into in my pregnancy. 

It helped me feel even more at ease and informed, and not to mention supported too as I moved through pregnancy and prepared for the big day. 

It's seriously an invaluable resource and community, and I couldn't recommend it enough to any pregnant mamas. 

The membership Lauren has created was easily one of the best ways I could have prepared for birth, with the OMP and yoga practices to prepare you physically and mentally as well as the birth affirmations which I could print and stick up on my vision board. The best way to get in the zone was listening to the real birth stories that are uploaded - such a valuable tool being able to listen to other people’s stories. 

The Options

And remember, the option to join the inner journey closes at 11.59pm on the 7th July.