Ange & Warren‘s Positive Hypnobirth

We started seeing the HMGP well after I was 20 weeks and I was feeling very apprehensive about a natural birth. Our midwife Bec had reassured me that by the time I was ready to give birth I would be feeling confident and knowledgeable however I was still very anxious.

As I was nearing 30 weeks I decided to book in to a local hypnobirthing course with hopes to ease some of my fears surrounding birth and also provide my partner with some tools to help me on the day and what to expect being our first baby.

As the weeks went by I was really starting to feel a sense of excitement about having a baby and the more hypnobirthing work we did the better we felt! By the time we were due to have our baby we were really well informed about the natural process of birth and had done as much preparation as we possibly could including aquanatal exercise and spinning babies to help move Bub into an optimal position for birth along with acupuncture, expressing colostrum and several vitamin supplements and foods.

I was lucky enough to have a very straight forward pregnancy and I had decided I was going to do so for our birth as well!

After our last midwife appointment with Bec we were getting very excited and had a feeling the next time we seen her would be in the delivery suite!

On the morning of the 2nd I lost part of my ‘plug’ and by midday I had started feeling a few mild contractions however I was trying to not get excited as I know these things may take time, as advised by my mum I went home to rest up incase I was lucky enough to meet my baby in the coming days!

Heading into dinner time all the tightening and cramps had eased off completely and I was slightly disheartened so off to bed we went for a good nights sleep

At 3am I woke for my usual bathroom break and noticed I was having much stronger tightenings that seemed to be coming and going, Feeling a little uncomfortable I decided not to wake my partner and to have a shower to see if things would ease off again or if I could get things moving and bring this baby into the world!

After about an hour or so I assumed I might be in early stages of labour so I woke my partner and had him fit the TENS machine to my back for early intervention and prepared our room for labour with dimly lit lights, essential oils and birthing tracks. I had moved from the shower to the bedroom for most of the morning and decided to call at 8am when my contractions were 5 minutes apart to let our midwife on shift know that I was hoping to meet my baby that day!

Unfortunately our midwife wasn’t on shift however Mandy who would be looking after us was extremely helpful and advised us to stay at home as long as we could and that we would most likely see her later

As things progressed I asked my partner to call again at 11 as I was starting to feel a little bit more uncomfortable and exhausted from vomiting. Mandy informed him that I sounded like my labour was progressing nicely and that to stay at home until I didn’t feel comfortable or I was having 3 contractions in 10 minutes.

The next two hours went very fast and before I knew it I found it near impossible to move off my birth ball and told my partner that I think we need to head to the hospital, he was not wanting to get there too early so tried to keep me home a little longer but I knew I needed to get into the car before I was completely unable!

I had a lot of trouble getting down the stairs between strong contractions but I was really needing to go to the toilet before I left ( in hindsight that was my baby’s head 😂)

Warren worked quickly to get everything ready and dressed and tried putting me in the car but I had the overwhelming urge to push on my garage floor.

We rushed to the hospital luckily only living 3 minutes away and upon arrival we were taken straight into our room and the bath was run for me.

I thought I’ll try and go to the toilet one more time 😂 again not thinking that my baby was making her way out

Mandy had every idea what was going on and directed me into the bath and as soon as I touched the water my waters burst and that was very exciting

There was one quick check of bub and Mandy said you’re going to meet your baby very soon! Although I felt like I was in good labour I was thinking I wasn’t coping and thought I may be sent home so it was such a relief to hear we were finally about to have a baby

Within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital our gorgeous little girl was born and we couldn’t have been happier with how things went.

Mandy helped me to birth my placenta naturally and our baby latched on to my breast straight away everything went exactly as we had hoped!

Everyone was healthy and well so we were able to go home that evening to the comfort of our own home for a good nights rest and have our midwives visit our home for the next week to check in and answer our every question which made the whole experience all too easy!

We are so grateful that we made the choice to birth with the HMGP and will do so for the rest of our babies!


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