Daniela & James' Positive C-Section

As much as you can prepare yourself for birth, sometimes things happen out of your control and you need to adjust your plans.

I went into the birth experience excited and as prepared as I could be after attending the hypnobirthing course with Lovely Lauren from In Birth & Beyond. The skills both James and I learned were invaluable and I believe kept me calm when our birth took a different course.

On Satuday morning after a day of irregular surges my waters broke at 2.30am. We were excited as we drove to the hospital knowing it wouldn't be long before we would see our baby girl who we waited over 9 long months for!

We arrived at the hospital and I was taken to the birthing suite. We put on our hypnobirthing tracks, had the room dimly lit and our essential oils going and I was moving freely around the room relaxing into each surge and using my tens machine as needed.

I had an initial check and I was 5cm dilated, at this point I hopped into the shower while we prepared the birthing pool. The warm water felt so good on my lower back during the surges.

I laboured in and out of the birthing pool for about 10 hours with no pain relief. James was my rock during this time as at points I was so exhausted and started to doubt myself but he reminded me I was strong and I could do this.

At this point our OB arrived to check how I had progressed. I was only 6cm by this point. I had started to get a fever and bubs heart rate was very high so after discussion between james and I we made the decision to get the epidural and start the drip to see if it would help my body relax and progress more.

After another 3 hours I was checked again and was 6cm. Bubs heart rate was still very high and her head was stuck in a difficult position. There was now also meconium in my membranes and my temperature hadn't dropped.

We discussed the options with our OB, we could wait another few hours to see if anything changed or we could get baby out now and have a c-section.

As much as I wanted a vaginal birth my instinct was telling me at this point a few more hours wouldn't change anything.

James and I decided the safest plan was for me to have the c-section. This was definitely not how I thought I would meet our baby but just knowing I would see her face soon made me a bit more at ease. I was still quite scared as it is major surgery but again James was there to keep me calm and the staff at the hospital were amazing and talked us through the whole process. The procedure itself was over very quickly and I was just looking at James the whole time for comfort and support which helped negate my fears. After a few minutes she was out and the overwhelming joy and relief of finally seeing my baby girl safe was all I was thinking about. James and I absolutely balled our eyes out seeing her and hearing her cry for the first time. She was placed on my chest for immediate skin to skin while I was recovering and I just looked at her in awe.

Things may not have gone to plan but it was still a positive experience. We made sure to ask questions and see what our options were and we never felt pressured into the decisions we made. Even though this wasn't the birth I saw in my head, it was still a positive and empowering experience and we have our beautiful baby girl safe and here with us ❤️

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