Lauren & Dan’s Beautiful Water Birth

So, I got to 40 weeks and had my midwife appointment and everything was going along great and was offered a stretch and sweep but was told about the off chance that she could accidentally break my waters and if labour didn’t follow within a certain amount of time, that this could lead to inducement which was a road I didn’t want to go down if it could be avoided so I decided to wait and see how things would play out and give my body the chance to go into labour naturally. Another week passed of doing as much as I could to help the process along, which was great because it kept my mind in a positive state, rather than sitting around and getting depressed that things weren’t happening. 41 weeks came and I had a MADU appointment for them to do some tests and check everything was still going ok for me and bub.

Everything was fine but the doctor wanted to book me in for an inducement at 41+3 and I asked to go as long as I could before being induced so I was booked in for 42 weeks. This messed with my mindset a bit but I think learning so much through hypnobirthing helped me not to come unstuck 🙌🏼 I did have a S&S at this appointment. Come Tuesday morning at 5.20 I went into labour (WOOHOO) and laboured at home until about 3.30pm which I am so thankful for and believe that’s what helped get my labour along quite quickly (no distractions and a calm environment).

I used the TENS machine, had the house as dim as possible, diffused oils, played our tracks, bathed, showered, watched a movie, acupressure, soft touch and used the exercise ball. We went to the hospital, I had 5 surges on my way up to our room which was also set up similar to how we had it at home and laboured in the bath for around 3-4 hours listening to our tracks and Dan helping me relax. I got out of the bath after that time and I could feel myself getting over it and exhausted by about 8.30pm, and wanted to quit and turn to pain relief (which I remembered was transition talk lol), so my midwife checked to see how things were going and told me I was fully dilated and another midwife that I knew had come in at this stage and told me to reach down and I could feel our precious baby’s head 😭 this was all the motivation I needed, and got back in the bath, focused on my breathing and was back in the zone to bear down.

Humming helped me a lot through this stage. It’s all a bit of a blur but I was bearing down for about 45 mins and she was born in the water with Dan bringing her up on to my chest. It was so good doing it naturally and being able to feel everything happening. We did delayed cord clamping for about 45 mins, got out of the bath and Vera snuggled in for her first breastfeed and I naturally birthed my placenta (such a cool thing to see in person). We continued skin to skin for about 2-3 hours and I couldn’t believe I was standing up, feeling exhausted, but so proud of myself in the shower, such a short time after giving birth. Women’s body’s are incredible and personally I didn’t really understand the extent of that until I went through it.

We were so lucky to just have us two and our midwife in the room pretty much the whole time and the other midwife came in at the end and got photos and a video of the birth. If Dan hadn’t of done the course, I don’t think he would of been as calm and known how to be involved, but he knew exactly what to do and I couldn’t of done it without him. Having the knowledge and mindset from doing hypnobirthing to help us through one of the biggest moments in our life.

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