Invest in a loved ones birthing experience with a gift voucher to participate in the Hypnobirthing Australia™ 'Positive Birth Program'. 


This program involves gaining knowledge, tools, support and getting prepared for a positive birthing experience no matter what the circumstances. While attending the 4 face to face 4 hour sessions you will build your confidence and trust in your body, while helping to release fear ready for your birthing day. This program is very much birth partner hands on and has a strong focus on connecting mum to be and birth partner, so birth partner too has a very active role in the experience. 


The team will receive a full comprehensive folio of resources, ebook, MP3 downloads, an online resource platform plus all ongoing phone/email/message support from me right through to birth if required. 


If the birthing team decides they would prefer to join a small group session instead, the remainder course fee will be added to a bonus 2 hour birth preparation/fear release session closer to their birthing time. 

Hypnobirthing Australia™ 'Positive Birth Program' Private


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