Becoming Mama

The journey to 'becoming a mama' is designed to support your journey from pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.


Through the weeks we will journey through illuminating your current mindset and beliefs around birthing and showcase the innate intelligence within your body, cultivate trust in yourself as the expert of yourself and your birth, and built trust and connection between yourself and your birth partner, become aware of all your choices and prepare for birth with mindset tools and ways your partner can be present/hands on during your birthing, integrate daily practices to prepare your mind, body and emotions as you approach the birth portal, understand the physiological blueprint of birth and the golden hours afterwards, and plan for a slow postpartum with your birth partner, deepening your understanding of conscious, gentle parenting and what is normal and expected biological newborn behaviour and our mothering blueprint.


The journey will consist of 6 weeks together of 3 hours per session. You will have login details to an online portal of resources and downloads, worksheets, journaling and MP3 meditations to support your pregnancy/birth and transition to motherhood and 24 hour response on voice note. 

Reach out to organize a discovery call to explore if this is aligned to you. 


Bump & Beyond Membership

The Bump & Beyond membership incorporates a culmination of mindful yoga, learning and preparations, as well as journaling and cheat sheets to support you from feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, unsure about your options, disconnected to your mind and body, unaware of your beliefs and how they impact birthing, to knowing how you wish to experience pregnancy and birth, choosing care, a deep understanding of the physiological blueprint of birth, having a clear birth map from instinctive and educated choices, knowing how to prepare your mind and body on a daily basis, and feeling clear around your choices for the postpartum period. 


This series supports you from conception, right through to postpartum and beyond with pre and postnatal yoga, affirmation cards and reminders, cheat sheets/check lists and printable resources with my 6 step journey to take you through the early choices in pregnancy and care, physiology, choices for birth, daily preparation embodiment, postpartum planning, and the beyond period stepping from maiden to mother. 


*This exclusive membership only opens a few times a year so jump on the waitlist here for more. Or if you’re only wanting the yoga component, you can sign up here.


Birth Coaching

Birth coaching sessions are the perfect preparation for pregnancy and birth. Learn how the birthing body and brain functions, how mindset affects how we labour, Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques including daily pregnancy protocol, active positions for labour and birth including an understanding of pelvic movability and babies positioning, rebozo, massage and acupressure techniques for labour

These 2 hour sessions are catered to the needs of mum and birth partner in helping prepare for birth. Come away feeling confident and trusting of your birthing body.